Good businesses have a powerful role to play in helping build equitable, sustainable, and healthy economies. MSA’s vision for the economy prioritizes small business, our employees, customers, and the communities we serve. We are united not only through our economic transactions, but also by our commitment to the communities that sustain our businesses and enrich our lives.

Our vision for the economy prioritizes investment in our businesses, our employees, our customers and our communities. Good business requires us to look beyond short-term profits and exploitative business practices and instead focus on making investments in our employees, our communities, and practices that create a sustainable environment and prosperous economies.

Main Street Alliance Members Value:

Healthy People:   We believe that everyone in our communities should have access to high quality, affordable healthcare options.

Investing in Our Communities:   We believe in smart public investment in our education system, infrastructure, transportation, and childcare. We are committed to ensuring that everyone and every business pays their fair share of taxes and that our economic development investments support local small business growth and the creation of good jobs.

Quality Jobs: We believe that our employees are critical to the success of our businesses, are committed to ensuring that workplace standards promote public health and safety, and are responsive to the needs of our workforce and families.

Embracing Diversity:   We believe immigration and inclusion power the U.S. economy; efforts to shut out immigrants and refugees will hurt communities and small business bottom line. We respect Women. We value Black Lives. We stand with our LGBT Community Members. We stand with Immigrants and Refugees and People of All Faiths. We stand with Our Community.

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